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Welcome to jl therapy.
A space for self

and support

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About me . . .

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Hi, I am Joanne, are you looking to make

changes in your life, become more

motivated, making you understand

yourself with confidence?

With over 20 years experience as a

counsellor working with young people,

and adults in different settings.

I am an integrative counsellor

‘what does integrative mean?’

 I take the view that there is no single approach

that can treat each person in all situations,

so together, we can learn to make sense

of your thoughts, accepting reality and being 

in relationship to others.

I believe we are all born with the potential for

growth and a capacity to change.


It’s important for me to get

to know you as a person,

not just the presenting problem.

We will look at what you expect

from therapy in a comfortable

space that is free from

judgement and distraction.

What to expect . . .


How can I help ?

Anxiety & Depression

Improving Relationships

Low Mood

Emotional Regulation

Loss of  Self

Self  Confidence

& Self  Esteem

Gender Identity


Explore current

patterns of behaviour

A better understanding

of your emotions


Grief and Loss

I work in person and online

with young people and adults

from many different backgrounds

who maybe facing challenging

situations or feeling over whelmed

causing an inability to manage

on your own.

I take a holistic and

personalised approach,

A vision of what can be achieved,

believing that therapy

is unique for each individual,

which means, I can use various

managing techniques/coping strategies.

About your first call . . .

It's okay to feel a bit uncomfortable when you are unsure

of what to expect, so this call is a bit more information

on who I am and we can look at what you would like from

counselling and how we can work towards this together.

Both daytime & evening sessions available



Offering short term or long term counselling

both daytime and evening sessions.

Each session is 50 mins long, we will go through

the contract together and any information about you

and what we explore is confidential.

Covered by the data protection act 2018.

Weekly 50 minute counselling session 
£50 per session 
Concessions available


Lets connect

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I am a member of the British Association of Counselling

and Psychotherapy and work within the ethical

framework consisting of these core principles:

Being Trustworthy



Non maleficence

JL Therapy

Herne Bay


United Kingdom

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